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Greetings travellers, my given name is Martin and I would like to get you up to speed on who I am and what I love doing, so tag along my journey and just hang loose.
I started out my journey on 14.02.2018 Bulgaria-Bournemouth(UK) with a vision of a better-fuller life. Traveling around not knowing what tomorrow is gonna be, admiring the past and appreciating every present moment with a big ol' smile on my dorky face, helping anyone along their journey - any way I can. I wholeheartedly believe that making someone smile can turn their life around or at least uplift a long face and I act strongly on that, radiating good vibes and lots of smiles. I've love of nature, passion for photography and undying drive to lighten up those who are less fortunate in maintaining a balanced world view/possitive mindset. Combining all that I've decided to join Patreon so you can help me - help others. By supporting my journey and freeing me of a shackling day job, you can give me the full freedom a traveller needs.
Join my journey and help me focus on creating, growing and inspiring a positive change in the world around us ^-^! Love, gratitude and good vibes, thank you for indulging me <3
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