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Ayy, Thanks!
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Coolio, Thanks for donating, You're awesome, I'll thank you in my descriptions. :)
I have no idea how to do tier names...
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You're great, Thanks for donating, I'll shout you out at the end of my videos and the start of my streams.
Get on Minebois.
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Oi! Mate, you don't have to donate this much, but if you do, You'll have a chance to be a guest on Minebois. I'll also follow you on twitter.
Pls don't donate this much.
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Oh damn, If you donate this much I'll give you a special role on my discord server and I'll let  you in the patreon room on my server. Plus all other rewards.




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Ayy, Thanks for watching my videos, you're awesome. Please don't donate, I'm a lazy kid who makes awful videos....
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