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is creating Videos on Politics, Conservatism & Race Relations

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I'm setting up this patreon because many of you have expressed you want to continue this journey with me. This will allow me to cover the finances to get editing software, a suitable camera and a working laptop. Every single one of you have inspired me to keep going as I've taken this huge leap of faith. Most of you will know me as @blackgirlfortrump. But in all honesty I am just an average person. I am you. I feel like there is literally nothing that sets me apart or makes me special.

I must admit, I was originally a bit hesitant to create this patreon. My original journey had started with wanting to have my voice heard in a time of great political uncertainty. I have always wanted to stand up to injustices but I didn't really think many people would take the time to listen. Thankfully to my surprise, I was very wrong.

My Instagram name is controversial to some, and that's exactly why I did it. Because I believe it SHOULDN'T be. I remember watching things escalate in this country, I remember sitting in my room and I remember becoming angry. I was watching everything transpire from violence to outright prejudice and I was sitting here in the comfort of my home doing nothing. I sat there thinking, there's nothing I CAN do, I'm just one person. I figured if I sat and waited long enough that someone else surely would have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. I struggled back and forth for months, I knew putting myself out there would open me up to ridicule, racism and slander. Eventually I'm happy to say there came a day where I didn't care.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to start my youtube channel and those that have supported me during this crazy political adventure. I want my videos to mainly focus on race relations, conservative censorship and how we can all go about transitioning into the Trump Era.
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