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The Life of the Upcoming Animation Artist:  Innovative, Self taught and Life inspired Urban Animation Artist. The more I work the better it gets, the more I'm able to show what goes on in the mind of Enrique. Nothing too crazy, just Epic. 

  There always been an inspiration throughout the journey we all take and I've always wanted to see life  through different perspectives, or at least create them.  I work at a car dealership and animate at any free-time I get, which is when I'm not at work, *wink.
 Like most of the artist, I'm sure, I too started out with stick figures, but in a different, unique way (so I've been told) filling up a sheet of paper with stick guys doing a whole bunch of random stuff.  I always wanted to see them move, until it did years later on internet with XiaoXiao stick fight. With my personal journey and life itself, along with the great minds of anime, I'm motivated to learn animation, create it and teach it. 

With your support and donations, we can achieve this much faster, and see the animations you would love to see.

Much Love and Appreciation :D

Enrique (ReKe727) Williams
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  • To become a full time animator, and start a company of motivated and innovative minds to create the eye candy the world enjoys
  • I don't know where that /\/\"Goal Earnings" amount came from but I'm leaving it there, anything is possible.
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