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About Kelan David

Kelan David is a singer-songwriter whose style falls somewhere on the spectrum between Cat Stevens and Jason Mraz. Kelan (hey that's me!) writes about love and romance, but he also delves into deeper topics like the meaning of life. Because he (still me writing in the third person for some reason) writes about his everyday experiences as well as his hopes, dreams and ponderings, his music is extremely relatable.
Join my Patreon community (ah, that's better, no more third person from now on!) and you will find that your contribution not only allows me to follow my dreams, but you'll discover (as I have) that my music has the power to help heal wounds, as well as expand and shift perspectives of those who listen. I have been told that my music helped a long-time smoker quit her addiction. On another occasion, a woman approached me after one performance and told me that I saved her life because my music gave her hope. These are not the reasons I write and perform music, but these reasons inspire me to spread my music as widely as possible. So please join me in spreading some real, heartfelt music as far as it might spread.

Patreon allows you, the patron, and me, the artist, to develop an ongoing relationship in a direct and meaningful manner. Basically, instead of making one pledge, one time, or buying a track or album, you make a pledge to continually support me on a regular basis. In exchange for this support you receive access to all of my music and videos. 

There are different pledge levels that provide different Patreon experiences — you pick the one that works for you.

Your pledge allows me the time to write and create new music. It assists me in producing songs and videos by helping to compensate musicians and engineers for their talent. And, your patronage helps pay for studio time, equipment, and materials needed to produce quality recordings. You’ll be supporting not only me but indirectly all those who are involved in this creative process of getting my music to the world. 

I'm excited about developing a cooperative support community and the possibilities these new relationships will bring.Together we can make music that enriches people’s lives and leaves them with the hope of a better tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to check out this site. I hope you'll join me in this journey..

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Now, I know $1000 a month isn't a lot of money, but it sure is a good start! The more I play and share my music the more apparent it becomes that the world is ready for what I have to sing. Music has the ability to change lives. I have seen first-hand the effect that my songs and my story have had on my audiences. Your monthly subscription helps me create high quality, heartfelt songs and recordings that I am craving to share with you (and everyone else)! Thank you for supporting me and my art!!    
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