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One of the most essential elements of my writing/poetry in previously published books has been the evolution; that has incorporated the use of humor in my otherwise serious content. A style of  writing which heals by breaking down barriers, and allowing us to look at ourselves in a different light, in the knowledge that we indeed share more in common than differences. Currently I am the subject of a full length documentary film "The Jaguar Poet" just completed 2017. Our hope is to be able to enter it into film festivals and other public viewings in various cities in California and beyond. Your contribution would allow me to be able to reach a wider audience by covering expenses associated with travel, promotion, and venues/ it relates to my performance art, and music. I have been a performer and vocalist collaborating with musicians/artists with a similar vision. My hope is to be able to continue to travel and do performances while introducing my music/poetry and performance art to a wider fan base. I am basically self taught writer/poet with a BA in Social Work from San Jose State University 1985. I also self published my latest poetry book Maximum in Minimum 2016 available on I need help publishing what will be my biggest volume of poetry yet: (Obsidian I New and Selected Works 1980-2017) I have always been an independent artist. Your contribution and support will afford me the opportunity to continue to do so.
Thank you, Roberto Tinoco Duran.
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This will enable me to provide full and adequate promotion of current works, and those in progress:
"The Jaguar Poet" Documentary Film,
Books and Music CDs, along with studio recordings.
In addition, covering living expenses and lodging throughout the year. Thus ensuring myself a safe, stable and conducive work environment.
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