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Venezuela is enduring an economic crisis that is affecting the entire country. This is mainly due to the fact that in 2007, Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela, decided to start expropriating private companies and nationalizing them to focus all of the country's resources into producing oil. This resulted in all consumed goods needing to be imported into the country. This success was only temporary and as the oil prices fell, Venezuela's economy crumbled down, spreading chaos throughout the country. High inflation rates, a widespread of violence arose, and medicine and food shortages became scarce. All of these problems are forcing Venezuelan citizens to leave everything behind and immigrate to other countries.

After moving to Canada, I visit home every summer and for the holidays to enjoy my country, family and friends. However, this year something was different. The situation seemed to not be getting better. The number of people affected by the lack of food, medicine and security gets vastly larger every single day. Saying goodbye to a country I called home was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make, and it is incomprehensible the struggle other young individuals have to undergo as well.

I realized how important Venezuela is for me. I grew up there. It is my home. It is unbearable to see the country in this state, and although it is not a secure place to live, going back to Venezuela is not something that I can refuse. My dream is to help bring awareness and restore the quality of life in this beautiful country.

With all of this being said, we still need your help. Making films is incredibly expensive and our goal is to create a piece of work that will be powerful and the best quality possible. We are looking for external funding to help make this documentary possible. If you are interested in helping us bring this documentary to life, please contact me for further information. Any contribution is much appreciated, and in return, you will receive a credit in the film and a copy of the completed documentary.

Kind regards,
Isabella Salinas
And the crew of Departed
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    My name is Isabella Salinas. I am currently in my third-year at Humber College for the Bachelor of Film and Media Production program. Three years ago, I moved from Venezuela to Canada in search of a better future.

As a filmmaker, I feel that it is my responsibility to use my platform to inform others about this crisis. By spreading awareness, I feel that a difference can be made and solutions can begin to formulate. I decided to take this situation and further develop an idea to contribute towards a documentary. My film titled “Departed”, which I will be directing, goes into production in February. The film will follow the story about Venezuela’s current state and why so many citizens choose to leave the country. It will also follow the stories of three specific individuals who, for various reasons, decided to immigrate here to Canada.
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