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About The Unicorn Hunt

The Unicorn Hunt web series follows the adventures of Tish & Kelsey as they search for unicorns. In each episode the girls find a clue to help them on their quest, or try something to bring the unicorns to them. The results are always hilarious.
Aside from the adventurous episodes, Tish & Kelsey will help you in your own unicorn quest with DIY videos, featuring crafts & baking from the episodes.
You can expect a new episode or DIY video every other Wednesday.

Follow and interact with us on The Unicorn Hunt Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tish does the writing, directing, editing, and social media.
You can follow her here: Tumblr | Twitter | Website

Kelsey does the art and graphic design.
You can follow her on Tumblr
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Kelsey and Tish will host a live streaming show, which may include a Q&A, a musical performance, a DIY, and anything else we feel like doing!
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