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per The Creation of a contemporary romance trilogy
By contributing just $5 to my campaign, I'll clue you in on my cover art for my books. You'll be first to see my book covers before anyone else, and provide me feedback on them.
per The Creation of a contemporary romance trilogy
I'll send you a cool postcard containing the book cover with a QR code on the back so you can download the book.
per The Creation of a contemporary romance trilogy
By donating $20, I'll let you read the first chapters of my books. Some of these will be very rough, but this is how the creative process goes at times. You'll be able to see how I put an idea together and how I first put something down on the page.




per The Creation of a contemporary romance trilogy

About Abbey MacInnis

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page.
What's Patreon? It's a site where artists can create campaigns, and receive funding for these campaigns so they can continue to create and publish content. :-)
If you're able to donate to my current campaign, thank you! You can donate as little or much as you like. You'll be charged at the beginning of each month as long as the campaign you donated to is still open.
You can have a set amount for how much you'd like to have donated every month as well and cancel too if you wish.
Why am I holding this campaign? Believe it or not, I struggled with whether to create this campaign or not. It's not like me to ask for help, but I am unable to pay for readying my books for publication with the little income I bring in. In self-publishing, it's important to release books in quick succession, at least one each quarter if not sooner. The issue I'm having isn't writing them, but sending them through the publication process to be made available.
Please share this campaign with your friends to help spread the word about me, and my books :-)
I've always loved reading. It seemed like a natural progression to write books. I love having my own business and control of my career. :-) I could submit my work to publishers, but taking that publishing path means there are pros and cons, such as lower royalty rates and contract terms that usually don't have the author's best interest in mind. I can write what I want and not be dictated by the "market" or what those in publishing think is the "next big thing."
With your support, I'll be able to create and publish content.
To create books of high quality, I need funding to pay freelancers to produce covers, content, copy and proofreading editing fees, digital and print book formating fees, audio naration and eventually foreign editions of my books.
All of these tasks cost money. Specifically:
1. Print and digital covers = $200 per book. Print covers have back cover and the book's spine created.
2. Content, copy editing and proofreading = $1 per page = 250 words. Copy editing and proofread, flat hourly rate of $30. This total cost can vary per book.
3. Digital and print formatting = $60 for digital formatting for Kindle, Nook Kobo and iTunes. Print formatting and uploading to Create Space is $50 per title.
4. Audio book creation - varies with each narrator. I'll offer to pay between $100-200 per recorded hour. 1 hour = 2 hours because the naration must be edited and mixed. Hours are calculated by the book's overall word count.
$18 of $1,000 per The Creation of a contemporary romance trilogy
This is a major milestone, but once it's met, I'll have the majority of the funds to begin putting the first book through the publication process - having the digital and print covers created, the formatting done and the content editing and most of the copy editing and proofreading completed.
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