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I will review a book of your choosing. If the book is difficult to find or out of print, please allow me two weeks to try to find a copy for my perusal before review. If it's a nigh-impossible thing to find, then I may ask for help finding a place I can feasibly get my hands on it.
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I will do another critical analysis of a comic book or film. Or maybe a video game. Please specify, and allow me one week or so to get my hands on a copy of the thing you would like me to review/analyze.




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Hi. I'm Sam Reader, or as I'm occasionally known, Caius C. Caligula. 

I run a blog full of rambly, wall-of-text book reviews (and occasionally other articles) known alternately as Geek Rage! and Strange Library, abbreviated to GR/SL. You may have also seen my work on The Geek Initiative (Where I also edit the conventions desk) and at the Barnes and Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Blog. Some of you might have even come here from my contributions to The Gamer's Lounge, where I do game reviews. I've been operating my blog near-continuously (I took a break in 2012) for four years now. And after four years, I have finally decided to listen to what literally everyone has been telling me for all of those four years and open up a way for people to kick a little money my way if they like my work.

So. That brings us to here, and what this page means. Right now, I make a not-insignificant amount of money from my writing on other sites (not-insignificant as in it's more than zero dollars), but it's barely enough to qualify as financial independence. I'd like to continue working on my blog and growing it, but for that to work, I do need to be able to cover some of my expenses, which is a thing that I can only barely squeak by doing on my current budget. And that's where you come in. I'd really appreciate it if all of you out there, my invisible audience (as a friend of mine used to say), would help lighten the load somehow. 

Now, I wouldn't ask all of you out there in steady income-land for what I'm asking if I wasn't willing to be completely transparent as to what this money is going for, so here's the things this money will be set towards:

- Website fees (Because while my rate is astonishingly low and has some perks, they still have to be paid. Help keep my servers lit and firing!)
- Book buying
- Late fees at the libraries I go to
- Coffee, snacks, etc.
- Conventions
- Music
- Travel expenses (Because that adds up and is easily the most income-draining thing. Seriously, we need to invent portal technology statim)

And, should the need arise or I get enough money:
- A new computer, as all of my work is done on one desktop.

Here's what you're not paying for:
- My rent
- My bills
- My threats to use the USPS to glitter-bomb certain science fiction authors

I should also stress, this will not be a one-sided arrangement. I have always been open to suggestions to all of you, as I'm still astonished and pleased I got anyone to read this thing at all. It's really cool that I have such a receptive audience. So, if you donate, I'll start taking more suggestions from the audience and trying to branch out. I wanted to do that anyway, but if I'm gonna ask for money, I want you guys to have a hand in shaping the blog's future. I will not compromise on my opinions, and all of those are my own. I'm pretty sure you guys wouldn't like it if I pandered shamelessly, anyway. You get enough of that other places on the internet. But I am willing to take suggestions on:

- Theme months 
- Expanding my technical and critical analysis to story-driven video games, and possibly the occasional article about film or music. (I've been dying to write about some of those, and narrative analysis as a jumping-off point for deeper critique is kind of universal)
- More comics (I really dug doing Epics Month for you guys, and if you think I don't have a whole ton of comics-related opinions, I have this to say: Ya met me?)
- Books! Lord knows I have more than enough, but I want recommendations. What do you think I'd enjoy? What do you think I'd find interesting? What do you want to see dissected with my weird vision? 
- Stories about the various experiences I've had. I have a lot of these, and I wouldn't mind having storytime on the blog now and then. (The blog I set up for that kind of fizzled because I wanted to work on my main blog, but I wouldn't mind putting up a few stories in between reviews and the like on the main site.)

Now, want to hear the best part? See that thing up there in the top right where it says "per article or blog post?" That means that I don't get paid per monthly donations or anything like that. If I don't post something, I don't get paid. That's right. You loyal readers who have stuck with me for years, will be keeping me honest, because if I want to do this and get income from it, I have to post. This goes from being a hobby I am way too invested in to being a job. And from there? Who knows? 

So please, consider donating to my humble, dusty corner of the internet. I'd really appreciate it. 

$1 of $5 per Blog Post or article
I was going to do this anyway, but if I get five bucks, I will do an in-depth analysis of Lint, a book I have assaulted people with for years, because you can never have enough thoughts on Lint.
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