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About Meredith Russo


Howdy! I’m Meredith Russo.


I wrote If I Was Your Girl, the first YA novel about a trans character by a trans author released by a major publishing house ever, at least to my knowledge. I was a finalist for the Walter Dean Myers Diversity Award, the Lambda Literary Award for trans fiction, and won the Stonewall Award for 2016. I’ve also contributed to the New York Times, Radical Hope, and Meet Cute, with another novel expected Winter of 2018. My work has been translated into 11 languages and released in 13 countries. I write almost exclusively about LGBT issues, with an emphasis on the T, because we’re an underserved community, because I happen to be a trans woman, and because trans characters and themes are the most interesting to me.


Well, first, day jobs are hard to come by in Southeast Tennessee when you're a mentally ill trans woman who doesn't pass. More than that though, I want to write things that could probably never be profitable in a world owned and operated by frequently (but not always) deeply transphobic cisgender people, but I’m a busy girl and it’s hard to justify the time, let alone the spoons, for additional projects if I can’t make at least something off them, even if only my monthly coffee budget.

Also: If you’ve followed me for any length of time you probably know that I’m not Capitalism’s biggest fan. I think the whole system is kind of crummy in fact! So not only is the idea of working directly for my fans with no middle men or workers being exploited in factories printing books appealing, but my long term plan is to create trans fiction, restrict access for a set period for specific tiers of patron, and eventually make all my Patreon-funded work completely free for everyone. No copyright protection, no trademark, no DRM, just an epub file hosted somewhere easy to find for people to read and elaborate on however they please.


For now, my plan is to release one chapter from the adult trans novel I’m working on and one short story every month. The short stories will be available to anyone who throws in at least $1 a month, while the novel will be viewable at $5 and above. There will, of course, be additional tier rewards, and once this novel is finished I will either start another or think of something else.


Right now my plan is to release short stories on the first of every month and novel chapters on the fifteenth, with tier rewards sprinkled between the two.
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At this level my rent and child support would be completely covered, leaving me free to explore some new options. Right now my plan is to buy a decent microphone and release audio versions of stories as a podcast, and we'll see where it goes from there.
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