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***This website is only in dollars, however it does accept sterling - the sterling amount is under each reward***

We need to raise money to perform our first show at the Edinburgh Fringe. It's an ambitious one!

We owe a lot to our friends and family to even get to the point of being able to write and perform a show, let alone produce it, so this is one way we can keep everyone we know updated on our progress and hopefully show them that we are doing something they can be proud of.

This is also an important way we can raise funds for the show. We haven't got any backing or grants so we need to raise £5,000 (this website is in dollars so it's $7596!). We both have jobs and are contributing to the fund alongside organising a fundraising campaign. So as well as offering all kinds of rewards, we are putting every penny we have into getting us up to the Fringe! 

Any income outside of the site will be noted down here so we can keep track of our overall progress!

A little more about the show:

It's called 'AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH?!!!?!?!???'. Liz and Clare pose as very serious scientists leading a very serious exploratorium in order to answer the question 'AM I NOT PRETTY ENOUGH?!!!?!?!???' or, more specifically, what the bloody hell is a woman? We are assisted by a very helpful musician, who has composed music that provides the melody for Liz to do some opera (she's properly trained and everything), to act as the narrator of the show, and to keep it spontaneous and exciting. 

We are crossing over into lots of different disciplines, drawing on all kinds of references to produce a piece of theatre that should be bloody lovely to watch. We want to create a performance that communicates the message of being able to do whatever you want, of believing whatever you want to believe, and knowing that you have the right to say it, regardless of who you are or where you come from. 

The 'world' which we are surrounding the audience with for an hour is one that we have created by calling on what it felt like, what it sounded like, what it looked like to be in a time and place that have inspired us; training in a Conservatorium in an 21st century Australia; watching a silent film in 1890s Paris, listening to the improvised accompaniment of the pianist; dancing all night at the Twisted Manchester in 1965; falling in love in present-day England; hearing Jeux d’eau being performed for the first time in Paris in 1902, and for the first time in 1998; the complex emotional and physical endurance of depression and anxiety; being a young woman in early 21st century London, how it feels to be in the body you’ve been tasked with; watching Zhang Yimou’s manipulation of colour in Hero, feeling yourself change as the colours change; the paralysing impotence of being lost, young, and unimportant.

If you would like to contribute towards our show, we would massively appreciate it! If you're up in Edinburgh this summer, we'd love to see you there.

Lots of love,
Clare and Liz
$100 of $1,508 per Show
1st Feb: $118.60 or £78.64
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