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Hey folks. Thank you for coming to my Patreon page. I am a tattoo artist and have a real passion for art itself, sadly because of my unexpected unemployment I turned into freelancing, t-shirts, logos that sort of things. But being more of a art driven individual I would love to continue doing what I love to do the most and that is creating unique art that will arise emotions instead of making package labels for milk cartons. Would love to continue the journey I left higschool for, years back.. Art and making people go "WOW" about it. Just the fact that you came here and checked out some of my art or read through this whole thing is heart warming. Please let me know if you like my art or you think that I should go get a job as a construction worker, because that's pretty much all I can do with my sort of "education" ( streetsmarts ) If you decide to become my Patron, please bear in mind that you would be helping me fulfill my dreams and make more art possible, also you're awesome. I am currently living in really rough conditions and my fianceé is diabetic type 1 and I really want to provide for her, which is becoming harder and harder.

Thanks again !
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I would love to get a new drawing tablet my good ol' mousepen 4x6 is starting to give up
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