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 first off THANK YOU 1$ is still something and i know how that is, for 1$  ill give you a shout out in a video/song:)
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ill give you a shout out, and ill  write a blog post about you on my tumblr about your music or thanking  you and you will be forever on my blog
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if you give me 10$ a month ill draw you a picture! one of a kind unique for each person, ill draw you anything you want! upto five pictures




I started playing piano when i was 15 i won't get into this here but a ton of very insane things happened to me and my family and for a few years i had a mental block with piano mostly because i felt like i couldn't ever have privacy or too many things were going on. also im working on it but i don't read music that well but write songs on piano so i can't write it down. i have forgotten many of my songs which have been released.. so it frustrated me for years and drove me into freestyling on piano, now on the other hand i am getting back finally into writing piano songs so thats good, i got to the point where i didn't care if i was bothering anyone with my noise. i have to get my music out there and my time to do so is limited. in the time period i stopped playing piano for a while it really freed up my mind and i began rapping and it kinda just took over for years especially after in 2014 i did my first battle rap and lost. it drove me insane and for 3 years i relentlessly worked on my rap music. and in late 2017 i went and did my second battle rap. and it is now one of the most popular Southern Slang Battle League videos of all time. i went from rapping in my bedroom to having an entire battle league behind me. also i know this is insane but i have started making beats aswell due to the fact of not being able to make money on other peoples beats so now here is the break down. im 23 almost 24. i live in arkansas i play piano make beats rap battle rap and have over 40 MIXTAPES. yes 40 MIXTAPES. and i wasn't just bullshitting around with these each one was BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. i need to find some way to make what i do worth it. most nights i don't sleep on a steady grind trying to get my name out there. its getting just sad. money is fuel and i have SO MANY IDEAS. i also record many local artists for free... so yeah my whole life is music. if you support my dream i will forever be here for you.

<3 God Bless

EclipZe Muzik
DJ Scarecrow
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15$ a month is enough to cover my soundcloud payment every month, i have a pro unlimited account due to the fact that i have almost 200 tracks on there of multiple genres!! i know that fifteen dollars a month may not seem like a lot but this would seriously help me. <3
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