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is creating fiction, poetry, essays, and humor pieces.
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About Robert Lashley

Hi, I'm Robert Lashley. I'm a  2016 Jack Straw Fellow, Artist Trust Fellow, and nominee for a Stranger Genius Award. I've had poems published in Poetry Northwest, Seattle Review Of Books, NAILED, GRAMMA, and The Cascadia Review. My first full-length book: The Homeboy Songs, was published by Small Doggies press in April 2014. My new book, Up South, was published in March of this year.

Because i've had some bills that came from health problems and some bills coming up( and because I'm scared of the Trumpcare bill and what It will do to my treatment coverage) I've decided to step my game up in regards to what I turn out daily. With your contribution, I will turn out more quality content, and keep you posted as to what I'm doing as an artist!
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This will help me pay my med bills and get the counseling I need and create in a more comfortable space.
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