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About Sharon Lee Banke, PhD

Welcome to Finding Alcoholics Anonymous!
Your interest is prized! By supporting my project, I will do my best to earn your confidence.

About the author: With a PhD in clinical psychology and years of experience as a devoted clinician; then after working on a nonfiction manuscript off and on for the past decade. I am excited about finally publishing. Writing Finding Alcoholics Anonymous has taken this long because I have had to face a string of personal tragedies.

Currently I am in the process of moving back to Copenhagen Denmark. My original home. This move is offering, great opportunities to discover new aspects of my nature. Causing me to appreciate how much I want to be a part of the world. To discover what matters. For me passing along valuable knowledge is not only satisfying, it is a venture that has promise. The prospect of making a difference in peoples’ lives, remains more valuable to me than gold, it is priceless.

Second about Finding Alcoholics Anonymous. I have come to believe the tale regarding Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), how it formed, and what the A.A. program entails. Is poignant. This story has impacted modernity and, indeed, is an untold legendary saga. In Finding Alcoholics Anonymous we will demystify the folklore surrounding alcoholism and addiction. What unfolds are modern day archetypal interpretations that are familiar. Narratives from the anonymous writers. Deeply personal essays that continue to have a monumental impact on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Theirs is an iconic story that is both fascinating and important. One the author digests for reader with the dignity and integrity that often falls between the cracks when deciphering the Twelve Steps of A.A.

World Map of ETOH (alcohol) Use Per Person 15 Years and Older
Consumption in Liters of Pure Alcohol Each Year.
World Health Organization (WHO) 2014

Especially for psychotherapists and those who are either members of A.A. or their family. The manuscript’s focus is on the myths and the facts surrounding A.A., addiction, and alcoholism. I will cut through and expose the wisdom that exists between the lines. The sober spirituality that radiates from the first one-hundred members. The men and women who created A.A. This manuscript is an exploration.

My aim is simple. Anyone reading the book will find intriguing parallels that correspond with their own life and struggle. Regardless, of whether their desire is to learn about alcoholism and A.A. or read a captivating story. The history of A.A. is a compelling human story that is fascinating. One that the book Finding Alcoholics Anonymous respects. Your support means everything!

Facts and figures

The bare facts

  • The harmful use of alcohol results in 3.3 million deaths each year.
  • On average every person in the world aged 15 years or older drinks 6.2 litres of pure alcohol per year.
  • Less than half the population (38.3%) actually drinks alcohol, this means that those who do drink consume on average 17 litres of pure alcohol annually.
  • At least 15.3 million persons have drug use disorders.
  • Injecting drug use reported in 148 countries, of which 120 report HIV infection among this population.
Alcohol use is arguably the mother of all addiction. As we wind down the road into the future the problems we face with chemical dependency is getting more and more difficult to sort-out. In Finding Alcoholics Anonymous we go back to the beginning of modernity's love affair with the heartbreaking story of chemical dependency. We start with King Alcohol. 

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