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Who am I supporting?

Hello, you’re supporting the team here at Gamer Professionals, to allow us to keep doing what it is that we love – and that’s talking about video games. We want to diversify the opinions of the games industry, and bring in voices that go beyond traditional journalism. In an era of keyboard warriors, we want to separate ourselves with staff from other fields such as analytical science, the creative arts, and other such intensive fields.

Right now, you’re reading the words of Brandon Bui, the owner and Chief Editor of Gamer Professionals. I’m a gamer and a scientist at heart, but I like to put on my best internet suit and throw my voice out there about the games industry. Because I want to. I’ve been working with this kind of stuff for way too long now, and I have to say, I love every second of the work that I do. It gives me a great reason to look forward to waking up each morning, because I want to give my own staff a platform to build their own voices.

Every donation that you can provide counts, and it really is appreciated. Really, thank you.

Where does the money go?
The money goes to supporting Gamer Professionals.

To be completely frank, projects like this with little renown are really hard to profit out of. There’s lots of expos to keep track of, hosting costs, designing new elements, expanding, third-party contracting to make certain things shinier, you name it… it’d be nice to utilize funding from patrons here rather than, well, closing further on a zero on the checking account. We really could use a lift and help bring forward the dreams of being a successful voice in the industry, because we truly feel that we are on the cusp of something brilliant here.

What's Gamer Professionals doing?
There’s a lot of things going on. Just recently, we decided to get out of the comfort zones, and moved beyond written media into the various multimedia formats that include a revival of our YouTube channel, and the birth of our very own podcast, the Gamer Professionals show.

A lot of what we do is trial and error. Sometimes, things are successful, and sometimes things aren’t successful. That’s just the way life goes – in a pianist’s world, while white keys bring happiness, and the black keys bring sadness, both together can still make some very beautiful music. That’s the main driving philosophy here – to keep trying and make that beautiful music in the face of adverse events.

Things are always being built up from their foundations – lately, we’re moving to make everything more consistent and standard. Standard isn’t a bad thing either! We call ourselves “professionals,” but how can we call ourselves that if things aren’t all aligned properly or matching?

We have a hopeless optimism that we can diversify the opinions of the games media industry, and we’re going to keep going at it until we see our names in the bright lights. We want to stand alone and become a valued source for people to keep an eye on. At the end of the day, it’s all for our readership and we want you guys to be the number one priority here.

What’s in it for donating to you?
Going back to the piano analogy from earlier, we may very well be smashing a black key here. This could blow up in our faces… on the other hand, this could be the boon we’ve been waiting for. Right now, as a donor, you can rest easy knowing you did a great thing for the day, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

If the project kicks off, we may introduce some more tangible rewards, but at the moment, it’s going to be about vanity and something as simple as a grateful message of appreciation and a spot on our soon to be created donor wall. It’s going to stay up there for as long as the site is up.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you on the brighter side of the games industry coverage sector. 

But Brandon, I want to donate more but I can't! 
Fear not, this is why our PayPal option exists. You are more than welcome to donate through our website's PayPal donation widget, or if you insist, you can email me privately at brandon[at]gamerpros[dot]co and I'm more than happy to continue the talks there.
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