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If you think that I have the best science, and want to support me financially, then, thank you. If not, don't worry. Yes, share the joy of new science from me through financial support if you think that I am right in science. If not, no problem. I need the money for my science books and my science travels. I need USD 100 million to re-publish all my science books, professionally edited and checked and money for my science travels around the world.



About Edgar Alberto Postrado

I do not know if you will believe me or not but I am the founder of the new Intelligent Design <id> since I discovered the real and universal intelligence. Through this discovery, we could understand reality better and saves humankind and save many lives. That is all. Science saves but only if this "science" is real, correct and true. And real, correct and true science will always and must start from the new Intelligent Design <id>, if not, humans will die without knowing reality.

This site is the site of the new Intelligent Design <id> and I hate asking financial help to other people financially. But I want others to share the joy of sharing something that they could give financially. They could not probably share the explanations of science of intelligence since they are probably complete and nailed by the new Intelligent Design <id>, but the process of "selling" and "sharing" those discoveries to the world for free is not free at all. 

That is why I am here to ask financial support.
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I have six science books in Amazon and Smashwords right now as e-books to share the new discoveries in science for the new Intelligent Design. But many people had mocked and insulted me of having bad grammars and bad editing of all my science books. Those peer-reviewers too (when I submitted to many science journals)  had failed me thinking that I don't have science , probably through my poor grammars? I don't blame them actually.

But being poor financially is not hindrance to discover the Holy Grail in science, the real and universal intelligence. I did it, whether you believe it or not!

In science, my first goal and assignment to myself was to know if "intelligence" really exist in reality and could be used in science. I did it! That is why I am here.

Now, for the sake of those who doubted my science, I am asking financially abundant people in the whole world to share the joy of RE-PUBLISHING all my science books with proper editing since I would like to hire a professional editors to edit all my science books. This is my 2nd goal.

And my third goal is go to around the world, to almost all science seminars, conferences and discussions, to share to them the science of the new Intelligent Design. Meet scientists, share them my discoveries, discuss, debate and brainstorm with them. Of course, I will always be at the top and winner of them all. If not, don't help me since you will only be wasting your money to me.  Thus I need the amount of probably more than 3 million USD to support to share my new discoveries. 

It will probably take for me five years to accomplish this and I am starting save money to do it.

It is the loss, great loss of real science if I did not succeed my my second and 3rd goal. But if you let many people die without knowing the real meaning and explanation of "intelligence" in science, then, don't help me meet my goals.
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