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  • my thanks! i was sent to patreon because people told me that my stories were really good. I want to share my stories with all my patreon fans so that you will be able to read my stories too and hopefully get entertained.
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  • double thanks, by the pledge of $3 per month you will be able to make me happy for starters and promote the book that i'm writing and you will get earlier access to my newest chapters before anyone else!
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  • if you've reached this tier you will be thanked personally and you will be able to become a person in my fiction writing, maybe even the hero and if i earn enough, i will publish a book, made from the stories i write and the patreons that will choose this tier will get a copy of the book if its made.
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About richard jonkman

Thanks a lot for the help and great support all the fans of my work give me. I'm happy with my own work but I love to give people a smile. Well than I am Richard Jonkman and I am 19 years old. My goal is to entertain people with my fiction writings and I hope doing so. I live in the Netherlands in Europe. People told me patreon whould be a great place for me to share my content and I hope it will. special thanks to everyone who pledges to my channel.

my schedule will be that I'll upload a new chapter a week. If i have more time through the week i will upload even two chapters for who is pledging 3$.
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If I will earn this money I will write the part of the Story of Elokia that bridges the gap from the young Elokia and Aravo to the matured version of them.
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