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About Guy Gardner

Hi and welcome to my creator page. My name is Guy Gardner and I am a jazz pianist, composer and, well I do a little bit of writing too, but mainly I'm all about the music. I've been a musician for over, gosh approaching 30 years. I've worked in all kinds of venues all over the world and recorded albums with many other musicians.
So why am I here and what will you get from me?
The bottom line is I want to share music with you. Specifically my music, but also I like to discuss (ok at length, I won't lie to you) the music of people who have touched my life that you may or may not be aware of. I will do this through some monthly blog thoughts/articles as well as write the odd story. You might get the odd story about other stuff thrown in because I like to write as well, so it might be a bit of a surprise!
How will I share my music?
I will make downloads readily available to you as well as my latest album when it's finished either old school hardcopy cd or as a download. Also the more technologized up I get I will add more videos as well as interactive stuff, streaming gigs, interviews. Also lessons/ online seminars for anyone that wants them.
I will leave you with a recoding of some Tango music I recorded a while ago with a great sax player called Terry Quinney to give you a flavour of what I do.
Thanks again, for joining me on this journey and let the music soak into your soul, you won't regret it
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I need more time A) and most importantly, to be with my family more and B) to be able to breathe a bit, do the gigs  I want to do and also to finish this current album which I a celebration of coming back on the music scene after having had a weird injury that stopped me performing for the past year
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