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About Ephy

Hi! I'm Ephy! I'm an Electronic Musician based in California's Bay Area! I'm very passionate about music, and I'm often working on some project or another these days. Anything I've already released can be found on Soundcloud.

Unfortunately, I'm terrible at marketing myself, and I feel like my music isn't quite professional grade yet. This means that I do not make any money off of my music. If you'd like to support me on my journey in the creation of new music and the evolution of my "style," please consider becoming a Patron! It would mean a whole lot to me.

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Now, I'm not about to reach that high. I'm looking here at the suggestions that Patreon is giving me and I'm thinking, "$500 a month? Jeez. That's too much." It's not often I release a track. That would be, like... $500 a track. So no. Not that high.

$50. That seems fair. If I manage to make $50 a month from you wonderful people, I'll start up an AMA, where you can literally ask me anything. Literally anything. As long as you're not asking me to reveal my address or something. Literally anything except something along those lines.
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