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Thanks a lot!!!

This is already a great help and inspiration for me! And the reward must be a great too :) . So I will prepare an every month drawing tutorials and send them to you in a high resolution! They are easy to understand and in 'step by step' format with my drawings and detailed commentaries, I hope you like it!
Thank you again!

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Thank you so much!

You can get now an enlarged edition of my tutorials! Also you can receive my own directed advises by any of your artwork, I will provide them with some sketches and detailed comments. You can get as well any of my jpg picture in high resolution!
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Well, seems like you are really generous person!

Now you can get a realistic portrait of you in the "emperor" style! Also If you need avatar for some kind of forum or a social network, I can draw you one! All other bonuses are included of course with even more detailed tutorials and advises, even by skype if it's needed. Also I can send you previous months tutorials. Thank you so much!!!




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Welcome, my friends! The "Byzantine" -  Roman Empire take a great part in a European and a world's culture and history! I would like to make some modern representation of the East Roman world. And here I want to share my paintings with you!

There are not much artists who work with this theme, so it would be great if you will support me. Even if it's just one dollar it is a great help and inspiration for me. Also, please make a comments! It is very important for me to know your thoughts, both if you like my art or have a critical opinion.

New pictures soon! Only for Patron site! Only here! Just for you, my friends!

Please write me here what kind of rewards you want from me, or what do you want me to draw next!

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Some deeper research on my byzantine characters with text and picture historical references about things I'm drawing.
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