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So I'm currently trying to build my new computer! I've already bought a few parts, probably about 50% but I could use a bit more cash to help finish it. 

Once its finished I'd like to stream my build's WoW progress from a frost mage ranged DPS for those who would want to watch. Cure on Thrall is the name of our guild which is currently 8/10. I'm currently playing on a laptop and a lot of people say my DPS and such will improve with a better computer. Anyone who can help is greatly appriciated and I'd gladly invite you all to watch my twitch when it's complete.

WoW isn't the only game I'd like to stream or play with people. Don't Starve Together is one of my favorite games as are a lot of Arcade games on Starcraft 2.

I'm also a writer in my free time and I feel a new desktop would allow me to continue to fuel my creative elements. If patrons would like to be in one of my stories, or would like something written for them I'd gladly be open to that =D. 
$5 of $150 per Desktop Streaming Machine!
New monitor/Power supply combo!
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