Stephen Greenhouse

is creating Custom leather wallets and computer games
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About Stephen Greenhouse

I am able to work in a range of arts and crafts, physical, 2d 3d and digital. I work mostly in leather creating leather wallets with computer game themed designs that are memorable to people. I am also working on a computer game myself as a hobby, using RPG maker XP and pokemon essentials. The game is the third title in the Pokemon sweet series, the previous two were rom hacks that use game boy advance emulators to run, while my game will function as a standalone game on windows devices. 
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If I reached this goal I would be able to dedicate more time to artistic projects like my game making, and more one of a kind special leather projects that need more time to create than I can fit into my current schedule, for instance I'd love to try making leather puppets and creatures, essentially I would be free to put time into more adventurous projects and crank up the schedule on creating my game.
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