Cris Choquette

is creating Red Ranger (a fantasy story)
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Red Rangers will get access to bonus chapters/adventures, as well as deleted scenes and rough character sketches/concept art.



About Cris Choquette

Redgate is a sleepy little town tucked away in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees. It’s a normal little town, but weird things happen here. 
Follow Sid Smith, a hapless young college graduate who desperately accepts a strange job offer from the mysterious and oddly named Contessa (who's actual postion and level of authority is pretty vague and mysterious as well), to work as a...ranger? Sid isn’t really sure what the gig is, but it pays pretty good and really, anything to get out of mom’s basement. 
Anyway, weird stuff happens in Redgate. It seems like there's a new problem every week around here...

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