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Who is this dweeb?
Okay, first: Rude. Second: Hi, I’m Eric! I am the creator of the YouTube channel Eric Vs Everything. On my channel, I overthink animation, movies, television, and online media. Sometimes, I like to take in-depths looks into the media we consume; looking into the history of a certain topic, or discussing its impact on our culture. Other times, I like to just watching something completely awful and laugh at it! I don’t want to create stagnant content, so I want to always change up what I’m making.

What will you do with my hard earned money?
Your contribution to this Patreon will help me get better equipment (editing software, art tablet, camera, lighting, etc). My plan is to eventually make enough money off of this to quit my day job and work on YouTube full-time. And with your help, I’ll be able to make content more frequently and put more focus on my channel!

How often will you be uploading?
Because I am currently working a full time day job, I’m not able to upload as much as I’d like, but my goal is to have 3 videos per month. One Eric Vs Everything video essay (my long form main series). One Bad Hat Gang Podcast (my podcast series with my close friends where we talk about everything from animation to insecurities). And one Geeked episode (my shorter, off the cuff video series).
I also occasionally make short, funny videos that often don’t go over 1 minute. Those are freebies I do in my spare time and I don’t charge for those. The most you should expect to be charge is three times a month, and the least is once a month.

Is it normal for it to burn when I pee?
Okay my man you have definitely come to the wrong page, but please see a doctor.
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When I reach this goal, be able to work full time on videos and focus on making videos more high quality! I'll also have a lot more time for fan interactions and live-streams, and will be able to make videos in a much more timely manner. All you help is highly appreciated! Thank you!!
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