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About Chase Reinford

Welcome To My Patreon Account

     Hey everyone, first off: THANKS SO MUCH FOR CHECKING OUT MY PAGE! :)  My names is Chase from Adrenaline Addiction. I am a film maker that loves documenting my adventures and travels for my YouTube family to enjoy!

     My passion for film making and extreme sports developed at a very young age. When I was 9 years old I would use my Mother's camcorder and film myself jumping off of shed roofs and my other crazy stunts. At the age of 11 I got a digital camera for Christmas and began making videos for my family.  In 2007 my odyssey on YouTube began. In October 2015 I quit my job as a Landscaper to fully chase my dreams and to dedicate my life to creating quality videos. 

Why Am I On Patreon?

     Great question.  Here's the deal, YouTube has been funding my adrenaline fueled lifestyle.  However, YouTube's algorithms have recently changed and  in order to make any money I have to pack my videos FULL OF ADS.  Who wants a bunch of ads interrupting the video and taking you away from the awesome content?  Plain and simple, the bulk ads are a huge distraction.  

    On average, one video will take me about 30-40 hours to edit. Sometimes I will edit for 70 hours. That 30-40 hours does not include all the time it takes to film and coordinate the event.  The cost of equipment for the videos, the gear to film, and the expenses getting to and from these locations all adds up real fast.  

    Getting to the point. I need to invest in new camera gear to bring my followers better content.  The equipment I have now is outdated and falling apart.  What I'm really passionate about is showing you guys the journey behind each of the videos, the process of getting to these different destinations, and bringing you some amazing cinematic shots so you can experience the breathtaking views with me.

How You Get To Embark On This Journey With Me

    This is my favorite part.  Becoming a Patron you automatically become a part of the process and help fund my vision with as little as $2 a month. 

     Patreon provides a platform for better interaction with my fans and gives me a way to help give back to you, who make all this possible.  I want you to be able to give me your input, what do you want to see?  Where do you want me to go?  What can I do to help you improve? 

    The reward system, in my opinion, does an amazing job of giving back to my supporters.  I want my fans to feel like they are a part of the story.  If you feel strongly about my channel and want to help me produce inspiring, fun, adventurous videos please consider becoming a Patron.  Thank you all for taking the time to check out my page!  Now go out, adventure, and SEND IT!

My Channel

$28 of $100 per month
With an extra $100 a month I will  be able to purchase a good mobile hotspot so I can post my videos on the road and never miss a Sunday edit. I have been using Wifi at coffee shops to upload videos and it can take hours for a single upload. A mobile hotspot will help me stay on the move and continue my adventures while keeping you guys up to date! 
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