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About Saphy/Ari

Most of you who know me know me as Ari though I do prefer Saphy.  I'm here to share art with you. You may know me from my fa aricub or my tumblr ariangelcub.  I draw furries, ferals and my little ponies as well as the occasional pokemon or other creature.  I am the artist and creator of the Fallen Angel series and the current illustrator of the Saurral Manor series.  I draw a ton of art that ends up too spoilery to post but here for the first time ever my patreons will be given special access to that art as well as unpaid for commisions I never posted, unfinished works and more! 
I will also hold a monthly patreon raffle which the prize will be determined by what goal we reach and on higher tiers I will be offering commision work.
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