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I shamelessly stole this tier idea from another gaming patreon channel.

There is one tier and one tier only. $1. Of course you are welcome to contribute more.

What do you get? 

1. Well you will be supporting me and my content creation thus allowing me to create more content and to go ad free.

2. Unlisted videos.

I have many, many unlisted videos that are tests, funny bits, gameplays and totally random videos that I never publically publish. You will have full access to these videos via my patreon page.

3. Streams and servers

I will also have various patreon only streams and recordings on servers with patreons.

4. Other content videos.

I also plan to make more than just Minecraft tutorials, I have several model making videos, Cosplay creation, design and even food related videos in the pipeline.  




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I always promised myself not to do a patreon but after seeing how well it can be done, I thought why the hell not?

Before we proceed, It might be worth to note that sometimes my language might not be as... erm... "wholesome" as my Minecraft videos. Patreon will be a bit more of a raw me or more of a "Dragnoz Unplugged". Anyway you ready to proceed?

I have never been able to support myself with the revenue from YouTube ads and I HATE the ads on YouTube. However I do like to buy myself some beer and fun travel to events with the dosh I use to make.  So the whole idea with the page is to go totally AD FREE. I make about 20 to 30 USD a month and I want to be able to kill all ads on my videos.

Videos take time and often a lot of effort, time I normally have to spend on things that actually allows me to pay for the roof over my head and food on my table.

YouTube gave me the opportunity to get involved in projects that allowed me a basic income. So what ends up happening is that I have to choose between making videos and doing the things that bring me an income.

This has had a big impact on my channel, it has also limited what I can post on my channel. I am not just a Minecrafter but im also a Film Maker, Model maker, Painter, Paper Model maker, Cosplay creator, cake maker and anything else that takes my fancy.

The pressure to always please my core fan base by only uploading Minecraft videos gets to me. 

SO BY SUPPORTING ME on Patreon you show that you are interested in a lot of my other interests and it will push me to say "the hell with it let's just make cool content no matter what it is"
$0 of $50 per month
Currently my monthly ad revenue is way below the $50 mark. At reaching $50 I will stop monitising any new videos
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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