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What is this?
Hello big world.  I’m Matt Echan, but you can call me Sandman.  When I am not writing, I am busy writing.

I began writing as a teenager, when my mom shipped me off to a Baptist reform school in the middle of Missouri.  I wrote letters, trying to convince her to take me home, then I wrote in a journal on the inside of a roll of receipt paper I kept at the bottom of my footlocker, because we weren’t allowed to keep journals.  I’ve always felt somebody should be writing this stuff down.  At the very least, someone should be learning something from all this nonsense.

When a close friend of mine, Will Futrelle, was murdered at Mountain Park, an interesting thing happened to me, and I began to live in two contradicting worlds simultaneously.  Several of my friends from Mountain Park were already serving life sentences for murder, or murder-related crimes, but this hit home because I was the one who led Will to the Lord, which ultimately killed him.  I held this conviction that God was calling me to share what transpired at Mountain Park, how specifically the letter of the law killeth, and I began to write.  Mostly, I wrote hundreds of Chapter Ones, half-baked screenplays, songs about Mountain Park, and letters to people I knew in prison, but I was writing.  Working to fulfill what I believed to be a call from God.But at the same time, in this noisy corner of my brain, I couldn’t shake the belief that Mountain Park was still monitoring everything I did to ensure I never told anybody what happened, and I began to self-sabotage.  Burning my writings.  Avoiding the stage.  Sending out cryptic emails to people I thought were working as double agents for Mountain Park.  Ask Dreamworks, Catchlight, Warner Bros., or even my Vanguard Alumn, or anybody else I worked with.  I was unstable, still very much locked up against my will at Mountain Park, terrified of the shame they would bring to my name if I exposed them.

The Money (10%, or else you're place in heaven is not secure)
It's probably not the best strategy to confess instability and radical failures while trying to get people to contribute to your creative process, but at least nobody can say they didn't know.  Also, if you are even considering contributing to my work, please know that I am forever grateful that you believe in what I am doing.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   

Please understand I am not asking you for charitable donations here.  That is not what this is.  I am not asking you for sympathy, either.  I’ve had plenty of that, and while it can be like the warm sun, or a light in the night, it does not remove us from the roads we must walk.  Obviously, should you feel compelled to give, give as you feel led, but I am using Patreon as a sort of online store, if you will, to sell and distribute my life's work.  Songs.  Writings.  Musings.  Live encounters.  Things I hope will inspire, entertain, and uplift you in some way.  To remain consistent with my philosophy of giving as you have freely received, you can also access all of this for free as well.  Please.  If you enjoy my work, continue enjoying it.  Money will not be the factor that provides accessibility. 

Know that your money, should you contribute, will go to one of the following:

Writing.  First and foremost, you are paying for the work of a writer, which makes it easier for him or her to continue writing.

Production.  It has long been my dream to “show” people what happened in Missouri, the great show-me-state.  If for some crazy reason, my work generated enough money to go into film production, I would begin re-working those half-baked screenplays faster than you can say lickety-split. 

Records.  Another dream I’ve had is to lay down some recordings of both some of the old boarding school songs, as well as some of my own.  Most people don’t realize how much it costs to pay for studio time, musicians, mixing, mastering, etc., but it adds up.  Again, I want to give this for free.

As far as your reward for contributing.  You get to be a part of a story that will echo through history.
$0 of $3,000 per month
This will allow me to begin a full time career writing, and to begin investing in making a record, and pre-production on the story contained in the OITS blog you are reading on my page.  Yes, I am aiming to adapt this for the screen.   
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