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Everyone who pledges $5 or more will have their name in the thank you credits in the Origin Comic Book.
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Heyo everybody, 
   This is Trustinlies, or just Trust as most people know me. Most people know me as that guy from the Pixelmon NF and TEI servers. Some of my older followers will remember my Hogwarts Build in Minecraft and my old Minecraft Animations. 

  I have an extensive educational background that includes degrees in art, communications, Russian and most recently, Digital Design. That degree is what got me into 3D. After I received my Associates' Degree in Digital Design I looked into going to a 4 year college for 3D. Unfortunately the cost of that kind of education was way outside what I could afford to pay for school. Not having the 4 year degree makes it difficult to get hired by a graphics company not matter what your skill level. 

 So I settled in and focused on Minecraft. I used to do Minecraft animations as commission based work, but I was so in demand that it became more of a task than a pleasure so I decided to take a break. In the meantime I focused on making connections in the Minecraft community and on the two servers I now work for. 

  Recently, I decided that I wanted to get back into 3D design, and art in general. However, after multiple moves, time, work and everything else I have going on, I have little time and little funding for design work or new equipment (which I desperately need). 

 By becoming a Patreon for me, you will be helping me get to the point that I can feel comfortable setting aside time to work on artwork, renders and animations. In addition to that, you guys will be helping me get the new equipment and program updates to ensure I have the means to create the best work possible. 

Thank you guys and Love you all!
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Once we hit the goal of $50 a month in pledges, I will do a group render of all of you guys that let me know what your Minecraft Username is. The render will be free to use for everyone included.
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