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About Nicholas Smith

Hello! I'm Nick and I'm an aspiring writer.

I love writing, creating stories and worlds, and just telling tales that I hope enthral and capture the imagination of a reader. My dream is to one day turn my hobby into my profession. Through Patreon support, I hope to one day be able to go part time at my job, and begin to concentrate on writing as a profession. Right now, I attempt to fit writing in wherever I can, but I'd like to be able to put a lot more time into it and produce something I'm proud of. 

Most of my writing can be found for free on reddit, including various completed series. I am currently writing my first book and am extremely excited about it! 

Your donation would help me massively in pursuing my dream of becoming a writer, as it would allow me to spend more of my time writing - plotting my novel, writing more short stories on reddit, etc.
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$100 would be amazing and would allow me to write far more often. If I ever reach this, you guys can help me decide what to write for my next novella!
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