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is creating Gaming, box openings, VLoGs

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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page.  I am Mathias Toecutter.  
I specialize in the following:
  • Gaming let's plays  - Because I am a life long gamer, video, board, card, etc.
  • Box openings          - I am a collector so I would love to share my excitement with you.  Maybe give you some ideas and maybe you can show me new cool things to get into.  My SO is also has a discerning eye for cool things.
  • VLOGs                    - In a multi-cultural household(American/Irish/UK) there is a lot of, <um> discussions and view points <yes that's it>.  I'll try not to over-share. I'm still getting used to talking to the camera/mic as if I'm talking to you instead of myself so cut me some slack. ;)

Send me ideas you would like to see.  I'll prioritize the list and do my best to give them a shot.

Thank you for your time and if you feel the need go ahead and donate.  No pressure.
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It would be awesome to be acknowledged for giving someone a positive experience all be it small.  

To the initial donors:  A hearty thanks and title of Founder.
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