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is creating fictional gaming content: the death of jackson trewes

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On March 15th, 2015, Jackson Trewes was found murdered (alongside two unidentified homeless men) in an abandoned house in a shady part of town. Any town. Your town. Jackson's death came as a shock to his family, but as of yet, the police have no reason to suspect foul play.

As of yet…

Jackson Trewes was an average citizen, but the last two years have been particularly hard. What happened to Jackson that he turned to drugs and became homeless? What did Jackson see that caused someone to want to harm him? What side of the law was Jackson on? Are any of these assumptions even real?

This project will explore the death of Jackson Trewes (a fictional character) and how his death impacts the city. It is an ongoing gaming story of Urban Horror. It will start innocently enough. Even if you don't use it for gaming, you may find the way this story is told to be entertaining.

There are no game mechanics. No stats. Just story, motive, actions, reactions, and deeper mystery to explore. Jackon's death seems simple enough, but it will have lasting implications on the city, as more and more of the mystery reveals itself.

Friends of Jackson might come forth with information.

Maybe someone saw something.

Maybe he touched the spirit world.

Maybe his death wasn't an accident.

Maybe it's not a death at all.

This story will reveal itself through newspaper clippings, headlines, blogs, interviews, characterizations, and the like. Gamemasters will be provided with tools (based on the funding levels) to run this story for their modern supernatural game (like Vampire or whatever).
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