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About Alex Jang

Greetings Sactoids! 

First off, if you made it this far, I'd like to extend a huge thanks for your interest in supporting my personality(ies)! This account is made to support me directly in my efforts to entertain, educate, inform and gather the people of the world. 

Proceeds to this account will allow me to continue work with SacTv Network, which I am absolutely in love with and also grow my DoItForTheNomz brand. The funds will allow me to continue my adventures and share them with you and the world. 

So, thanks again for your time and patronage. Like the LGMs (Little Green Men), I will be eternally grateful. 

Also, as a patron, please be as candid and free and open with comments and critique on how I can improve. 

With lots of love and smiles--
The Orangujang and Original Jangsterr: Alex Jangalang (Jang)
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Goal # 1: Get $100 in donations for 2 months in a row. This will allow me to 1. buy cuter clothes for the camera and 2. experiment with more foods to share with you all.
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