Systematic Psychologics

is creating video games, visual novels and processing toys
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About Systematic Psychologics

Welcome to Systematic Psychologics - your one stop shop for video games, visual novels and programmatic toys.

My goal is to create free games that are engaging, dynamic, and innovative. I have a special love for incremental games - the kind where you can lose yourself in tweaking and perfecting the efficiency of a process, then come back later and see for yourself just how your work has progressed. I also have a love of visual novels - short stories that pack a punch, and which represent a new step in the development of art and literature.

And finally, I'm an addict of the P5 Javascript Processing Library for making quick toys that will hopefully entertain and fascinate for a little while.

If you like what I create, I'd welcome your feedback and your support, so I can continue to invest in the education, creative tools, art and hardware that I need to keep right on creating, as long as I can.

Thank you!