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is creating Sustainable environment to preserve a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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per Planting and nurturing trees. Installing camera traps.
you get the benefit of helping support a greater cause and a special thank you post for every donation on our facebook page.
per Planting and nurturing trees. Installing camera traps.
A special thank you post card will be mailed to you the old fashioned way and a invitation to come volunteer at our farm.
per Planting and nurturing trees. Installing camera traps.
Farm stay and volunteering experience in one of the most pristine bio sphere of the world. Where one can experience a sense of freedom while enjoying countless walks in the jungle. Experience Off grid living while physically being a part of the reforestation initiative. Also drink as much organic Arabica coffee as you can.




per Planting and nurturing trees. Installing camera traps.

About Tat Tvam Asi Foundation

Tat Tvam Asi Foundation  is a farm located at a height of 1400 mts surrounded by shola forest and vast grasslands in the mighty western ghats of India. The Western Ghats is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. Our farm is in a highly eco endemic and sensitive zone and we endure to respect, protect and nurture it and ourselves in the process. The farm has various endemic species and is also known to harbour at times one of the truly majestic and apex predators of our home planet, the tiger. In the month of April 2014 a mother tiger and two nearly full grown juveniles had been spotted relaxing by the stream in our very own farm. The farm is also home to various different species of deer (approximately 4-6 different species), bears, bison, giant flying squirrels, birds (over 100 different species) and several other groups of animals. The Western Ghats is highly protected but the animal and human interaction has greatly increased. Even agriculture has taken a major toll on the buffer zone of the forest as most reforestation efforts are for commercial timber and or are inadequate in the long term for indigenous species support. This is where the principles of organic farming and permaculture come in. 

Tat Tvam Asi Plantation is an upcoming Organic farm modelled on sustainable Permaculture principles. After working for several organic farms around the globe, the founder of Tat Tvam Asi, Vishal Mehta decided to settle in the mesmerizing coffee estates of western Ghats to make a centre for sustainability learning through experience. Our aim is to popularize organic farming in India and provide a creative model for learning by experience and to spread ecological awareness through sustainable practices.
We like to work on solutions more than talking about problems since we all know there are enough of them already, so we like to keep it easy - No politics, No religion, No War, No terrorism...More work on solutions rather than talking about problems.
Our entire cultivation is based upon natural organic methods.We have completely avoided using any kind of chemical fertilizers or pesticides relying completely on natural and sustainable methods. Through different activities like Hydel power,natural building,organic farming, eco diversity survey etc we provide a learning model for interested folks and create a general awareness on sustainability among people.
We offer our space and resources for people who want to teach and share their knowledge on new projects and ideas or help us on our existing projects with design, implementation.
$0 of $1,500 per Planting and nurturing trees. Installing camera traps.
To install camera traps to better monitor and do a wider and more precise species count.
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