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As a child, everyone thinks they can change the world, and that there is still so much time for it. From the early childhood I loved two things - fooling around and drawing. My first drawing lessons took place in the art class of my school in Grodno. I was born and grew up in this town. Being an artist there was the same as being a wack, crazy - this occupation did not fit into the environment. But the older I got, the less I cared what other people thought about me.

Summer rain, 2009
oil on canvas
70 x 50 cm

By the age of 16 I found myself in the atmosphere I liked so much to begin with – I was at an Art College. My first year was especially reach in impressions. I admired the mastery of the pencil portraits by senior students. And artists’ replications totally enchanted me - I had never been that fascinated. At that time I felt as if the world around had slightly changed. My state was similar to a strong infatuation. I did not think that art would change all my life.

There were many foppish vain guys in college, who only thought about painting their clothes to be “creative” to look artisti-ish , to become celebrities. Heaps of sweet empty talk. Tha atmosphere in class didn’t always inspire to learn and deepen your knowledge. Some people around helped me “open my eyes”, but all in all it didn’t seem to be the best education.
Sometimes with friends, more often alone, I spent much time en plein air in the city limits. The weather was wonderful. Understanding of light and shade and coloring came by itself, from the environment. Little etudes give good experience in understanding of color and state. The more you peer in, the deeper it involves you.

I always wanted to go places, to find the time and immerse myself into the joy of painting. It required silence. I waited for the moment to seclude myself and create something cool. One summer I got a a chance to go to Polesie. It’s a beautiful place in the south of Belarus.

August 2008, oil on a masonite panel 35x22 cm

I was 18 those days. It was the most productive period that left a plenty of strong and bright memories. I recall it with pleasure. Everything was new. Basically, I didn’t do anything there except painting etudes and preparing underframes for the new etudes. Every day I went to plein air sometimes two or three times same day, sometimes for the whole day.

Storm dance. Polesia
2008-11, oil on canvas 50x80 см

Everything calmed down. There was a breath of coolness. The sky demanded attention… A huge boundless patch of a cloud, changing and iridescent, began to creep over the horizon. From the lightest soft innocent colors above, to the dark scary ones below – the immense height of the cloud resembled an inverted exploded mountain. The most unusual thing about it was the foot contour that created a feeling as if the cloud rested on a layer of air. Beneath, flooded with red setting sun, the village sagged under the weight of the sky. Contrast lighting gave the scene an even more menacing look. It was a mind-blowing sight…

Maximum concentration – minimal contact with people. Nothing distracts you, no Internet, no phone – you’re losing the sense of time. Loneliness didn’t disturb me, didn’t even concern. It’s amazing to recall it, as if observing yourself from aside.

Yet imperceptibly for me, forms of writing, color and style began gradually to change in my sketches. Later on I intentionally tried to turn the usual form of landscape into something offbeat and strange. I tried to liberate the imagination, to analyze the process less and make it more emotional, allowing chance to influence the outcome. Color became brighter, drawing - freer.

However, I had to make my living somehow, so I worked as a designer for some time. Then I entered the Czech University majoring in didactic illustration, but the studies only lasted for a couple of months. I hardly even started. Drawing stuff just for training, doing illustrations, comic sketches, listening to long lections - It all already seemed painfully pointless to me. Then I decided that continuing my studies was most likely wrong.

Rain in an Oak Forest
oil on canvas
22.5" x 14"

The direction of my desires was changing all the time. Even now it’s unstable, I want to be everything at once. At one point my attention was drawn to music. I always loved it. Music is my most inconceivable mystery. It expanded the scope of my perception even more. I got a guitar when I was only 13. The idea to compose something by myself came immediately. Then I got acquainted with many nice people with similar tastes. We keep composing and rehearsing together even today, and I think we’re pretty good at it. Playing in a band is a real euphoria… but this is another story…
I realize that musical images can be brought to life by means of painting and vice versa - that they are interrelated. For me – all my work is a whole. And what comes out of me – I give. What I had and still have was a great desire to explore, to create – just for pleasure. Now I work as a designer, make music, work on new paintings. There are a lot of things that interest me, that I’d like to do, but intentions are changing, everything is changing. I don’t want to peep into the future.

A man has such a wonderful ability to imagine what doesn’t yet exist and tell others about it.

September 2014, oil on canvas 50x70 cm

If you need any help regarding my items – question, feedback, request, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to offer support!

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