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All patrons at a dollar or above will receive the entire ebook for free the instant it has been completely edited and able to be published for free through Kindle.
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In addition to the ebook, patrons at this level will get a beautiful red bookmark made by my daughter Xu Xu with their name written in Chinese calligraphy, a skill that was learned at Riverview Mandarin Academy / International School in Lakeside, CA.
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In addition to the ebook and Chinese bookmark, patrons at this level can ask their adoption questions about what it is like to adopt internationally, out of birth order, special needs, keeping the birth culture alive, integration,when therapy is needed, etc. This is free for those currently with adopted dependents or are in the process of adoption.




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The Heirs of the Earth book is to be the first of the Kingdom of Xu series to eventually possibly include an audio book, graphic novel, or video game. However, first I just need to get the introduction taken care of. Any support will help with editing and publishing fees since I have no money from my regular job for this effort due to the high cost of living here. Of course anyone donating will receive the story for free right as soon as Kindle allows and supporters of higher amounts will be able to learn more about my families adoption journey of adopting and older special needs kid out of birth order and ask questions about it.
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The rough draft of the introduction to the book found at needs to be revisited and revised. The rest of the book is so far out in the future that it needs this whimsical introduction to tie it back to today but the ideas need broken up more and the writing made to be more concise and easy to read.
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