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This is it. $1 a month to be a chapter ahead on ceaselessly. I can guarantee an update a week and a 4 paragraph teaser of the next chapter. This also includes 1 update a month of any other Ellie Goulding based works I have.
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You get all the previous benefits and I will also write 2 x 500 word fan/fictions for you a month. 1000 words in total (can be a continuation or a completely new story, whatever you wish!)




Hi Guys!

If you've found my page you probably know me as Perrydxse from Wattpad. I also go by Madison or Mads. 

I know that a few people like the fan fictions I write and I've decided to use this platform as a way to give people more of what they like.

First of all, the main thing here is Ceaselessly. While I am able to write frequently, sometimes I do take rather long hiatuses on Wattpad. With Patreon, I plan on being a chapter ahead of Wattpad. Of course, when Ceaselessly ends, Far From Joy will immediately take it's place. I also have a few other Ellie Goulding works that will be posted here first before Wattpad. 

I'm also up to take writing commissions starting in October. I will be willing to write Ellie Goulding or OC commissions (for an OC commission, it would be great if you could give me a brief description on your characters!!) Considering commissions won't be starting for a while, I'll get more in depth about it later. 

Thank you so much!

Mads :-)
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Once I reach $100 per month, I will start releasing vlogs. I will make them available to the $3 a month tier and release 1 a week.
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