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Thank you to anyone who is willing to help me reach some of my goals. 


Independent research publications + space project & education + water rescue service

Why I'm Here
I have so many ideas (papers and project below) that I need help to work on them in a sustainable way.
My goals have been: to enter university for my project (below) and paper ideas, or find funded options/partners for it; to get an astronautics education; and to become a water rescue first-responder on rescue boats.

But I'm struggling to reach these goals. I have so many paper ideas (as evidenced by my 10+ publications). But I can't do the work for them, or for my project, or for training and volunteering for water rescue unless I have a sustainable means. A friend suggested Patreon so here it is.

With your help I can have a stable income to allow me to reach these goals. I'll describe each of them below.

Writing academic papers that contribute to society is a full-time job, and that's why I need your help. I have many papers on the shelf to contribute to the fields of search & rescue, ontology, philosophy, knowledge representation, terminology, and space policy. I've written on: philosophy , computational ontology for space, spaceflight concepts (including spaceguard), maritime safety, and instructional guides and manuals. See my Google Scholar page for my publications.
They are a lot of work so to be able to dedicate the time to research and write, I need funding.

The Project
I'm trying to build space/astro terminologies/taxonomies that are structured, computable and rich in semantics. They are called 'ontologies', and are related to the semantic web, data science, and artificial intelligence. I studied this topic through the philosophy department during my MA studies. I want to capture knowledge of astrodynamics, astronautics, space situational awareness, orbital objects and spacecraft systems in these ontologies. This is also a full-time pursuit and I need to learn some skills to work on some parts of it, so to do this I need funding.

Project goals
- To create useful and scientifically-accurate classifications for objects in space, and spacecraft system
- To create common shareable space taxonomies and domain models that different orgs. can use
- To help databases share and integrate space data using those taxonomies and models
- To make spaceflight safer by helping to share and fuse orbital debris data
- To allow systems and users to make automated inferences on that data
- To do interdisciplinary work: applying philosophical analysis to fundamental concepts in these space fields.
- Because I love learning about space, and this is an opportunity to do that!
(I want to find a work and studentship opportunity through this project to return to school for an astronautics. A dream is to work for NASA.)

The History (and the toil)

Space is a passion. I want to enter the field professionally (i'd like to work for NASA or ESA someday). But I'm 35 and I can't lose more time. So I need help to realize my goals.

My project (above) has been an aspiration for years. It's been something I've wanted to be a PhD thesis since at least 2011, when I thought of the idea for this paper. But i've not found PhD or other opportunity to realize this aspiration. My PhD applications up through the present day have been rejected, despite some professors wanting to do the identical topic.

Since 2011 I've written and published academic, research and concept papers (about 10 so far), but haven't been successful in finding a stable job or studentship to fund it effort. And sadly, i've also seen my ideas plagarised. I've presented at some workshops and conferences. I'm also volunteering with some persons at NASA on a related publication; and I'm a volunteer member of CODER (also unfunded). These are some of other service examples I've been pursuing, but can't sustain without help. I'm trying everything I can to move forward, and I've shown great initiative, creativity, ideation, and independent work; but so far there are no funded options to sustain these life goals.

When not doing this, I pursue my goal of becoming a maritime search & rescue first-responder. I've spent years sacrificing toward this other passion, giving various kinds of volunteership service and even donations toward finding training opportunities to serve comnunity in life-saving. I want to find a full-time position as part of a rescue team, and I'm still looking.

So, Your Donation will Help Support :

Daily necessities to sustain myself and the work
2) The work:
- Papers: writing & research; conference presentations; co-author partnerships
- The Project (above):, which includes taxonomy & ontology development: building terminologies/ontologies for orbital debris, spacecraft, orbital dynamics, space domain awareness, etc.; testing them on data; finding partners and mentors

Find me also on Linkedin.

Thank you.
$0 of $165 per month
This one-time (non-monthly) goal will help me finish editing a completed space taxonomy paper for journal publication. It's been accepted but I need to submit the edited draft, but to dedicate the time to finish the edits, I need help.
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