Space Ontologist

is creating meaning-full spaceflight knolwedge models and terminologies

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    About Space Ontologist

    • I'm developing a suite information models to support safe spaceflight, improve the orbital debris hazard, and help create a sustainable environment around Earth. 
    • I am creating a suite of models (ontologies, conceptual models, knowledge graphs, metadata, vocabularies) to help with the AI-applications, and the search, retrieval, modeling, annotation, integration and reasoning of spaceflight data. It aims to support space situational awareness.
    • These vocabularies and models can improve existing vocabularies and standards, and can become a standard for the global community.
    • Since 2016, I give extensive Service-to-discipline / Volunteership to (inter)national committees and groups. It has not been funded by any org., so it is pure volunteering.
    • 10 publications, all in my own time in the hopes of attracting work, an income, or study opportunities.
    • Actively applying to universities to continue my education, and do this as a PhD thesis.

    What you will support...
    • Providing an income so this work can be pursued sustainably without stress
    • Applications to university programs to continue my education and do this work as a PhD thesis
    • Ongoing Development of the models
    • Funding to finish many papers on-the-shelf to contribute to spaceflight community
    • Funding to cover cost of conference travel/registration to present papers
    • Finding partners, mentors, co-authors, to develop a business plan or opportunities

    About me.
    I volunteer in many spaceflight groups, and I also volunteer and train in water rescue.
    I have 10 articles on this topic: this is my first publication, and this is one in 2017. Another is on spaceflight policy. See this project webpage for a full list. This is very time-consuming, and has been a sacrifice because it has been unfunded and in my own time.

    Sample Project Goals
    - To create useful and scientifically-accurate classifications for objects in space
    - To create common shareable space models (ontologies) that different orgs. can use
    - To help databases talk to one another using those models
    - To make spaceflight safer by helping share and fuse orbital debris and other ssa data
    - To allow systems and users to make automated inferences on that data
    - To do interdisciplinary work
    - Because I love learning about space, and this is an opportunity to do that.
    (I want to find a work and studentship opportunity through this project to return to school for an astronautics. A dream is to work for NASA.)

    Service-to-Discipline / Volunteership
    I have given extensive unfunded volunteering to spaceflight and semantic modeling communities.
    - I serve in more AIAA committees, having helped with terminology and ontology topics, giving as much as part-time service for long periods.
    - I serve in in international space data standards groups
    - I serve in semantic technology groups, on education technical committees.
    - Other disciplines I serve in is emergency first-response and safety groups, helping not only with academic groups but also groups developing national safety plans.

    My project (above) has been an aspiration since 2011. Since then i've wanted it to be a PhD thesis if i could get into a program. PhD applications through the present day have been rejected, despite some professors and professionals more recently pursuing the same topicSpace is a passion, and I want to enter the field professionally (i'd like to work for NASA or ESA). I want to continue my education so I can do so, and so I can realize this project. To date, neither employment nor study opportunities have been forthcoming. And sadly, some of my work and ideas have been plagiarized, with documented evidence for IP violations. No one should face the choice of volunteering in what they want to do (while needing an income) or abandoning it.  So I need help to realize these goals.

    Thank you.
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    This one-time (non-monthly) goal will help me finish editing a completed space taxonomy paper for journal publication. It's been accepted but I need to submit the edited draft, but to dedicate the time to finish the edits, I need help.
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