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Good day to all, My name is Alan Ferreira the Creator and writer of Vibe the comic, a continuous tale of a young group of adolescent teens who are just only coming to terms with the changes accompanied when coming into adulthood but also those accompanied with their ever growing powers.

I started my creative career in the film industry as an actor and writer and as time went on, my martial arts and mma background help me break into the stunt and fight choreography part of the industry.

Having a deep rooted love for fantasy, science fiction and all things super hero oriented, I have always dreamed of being able to come together with a dedicated team and build deeply inspiring characters and worlds for everyone to enjoy......FREE OF CHARGE!

Fortunately after pitching my idea for vibe the comic I was able to assemble a small but dedicated group of individuals who wish to work full time on developing, refining and bringing to life this  massively intricate world that i have written and continue to expand on.

Being a native of the Caribbean island Trinidad and Tobago, my story and characters are heavily influenced by our extremely diverse racial and cultural society and strive to create relatable elements and characters for our readers to enjoy!

A few of my pre screen readers have described the content as a great hybrid of The Naruto and the Xmen universes.

If you are a fan Japanese storytelling and plot structure and the western comic industry illustration style then VIBE is the comic for you!
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When we reach 500 or more Patrons we will release branch off and solo issues of characters in the Vibe universe 
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