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About ✨Naustix✨

Hello, Patrons (or visitors)! I just want to take a second to talk about what I would like to accomplish with this page. Before, when I was a lot younger and decided to make this, I was blinded as to what is really important in life. I used to want an iPad to make digital comics but now I realized that life isn’t gonna get tough no matter what and now I would like to get enough money to pursue a career in design (not gonna lie, I don’t even know if my ACT scores where that great because I haven’t gotten to see them yet). Creating comics Ian still something I’d like to do, as well as create amazing illustrations for everybody to enjoy, but now I’m concerned with having a place to live the year after next where I can keep doing what I love (and no, I don’t have this as my only way to earn money, I have a job and I get $9.00 an hour, but I would like seeing that I actually have enough money for an apartment later on).

 Anyways, I hope that gives you all a little insight on what I want to do. If you do decide to donate to me, then I'll be motivated to do even better in all of my work! Anyways, if you want to check out my best works, I am available on the Dragon Ball Z Amino where I post ALL of my art (as it is mostly related to Dragon Ball). Anyways, Thank you if you do decide to contribute and have a wonderful week! 🤙
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My goal is to be able to get materials for creating art and comics as you would see in a museum or a comic book store. I would like to own an Apple IPad Pro with an Apple Pencil as a means to creating comics for you guys to read and enjoy (for better or for worse). Well, all that and some spending money for later on down the road when I absolutely need it.
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