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When I first bought Garry's Mod back in 2010, my number #1 interest was to have my own server for people to play on, to enjoy, and have fun on. I wanted to have one of the top servers in the community. Two years later, I hosted my first ever server, a Clockwork: Half Life Two Roleplay server that had an active playerbase of about 15 players. However, within about 5 weeks, I wasn't able to pay for the next month's payment, and it died. From then, my passion grew, I discovered how hosting servers was really like, how enjoyable it was. So that started my "career" in wanting to spread fun for other people, while also making money off of it. My most successful, and most recent, was Serenity Networks. Serenity Networks started as a StarwarsRP based in the Galactic Civil War, the best month of this Network was that such. The community had an active playerbase of 20 players, we hit the top of the scoreboard, it was amazing, flawless. But then, sooner or later, we died out. I thought I could rescue the server by switching to Clone Wars, but this was a major mistake, as it made my community die faster. After changing it back to Imperial, and discovering it was getting major lag, the server's playerbase was gone. While I was upset over this, it made me realize that, if I could tell that little 10 year old that he would grow up to host a big server at one time, he would be so happy, so full of cheer. Because doing this is my passion, I want to be able to do it more, but I cannot without all of your help. By donating, you are helping me to raise another server, and perhaps the next big thing. Thank you. 
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