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About Deborah

I'm a writer, its the first thing I say when I introduce myself in person or online.  "Hi I'm Debbie, I'm a writer!" I've been in love with words and stories for as long as I can remember.  I have figured out how to create my stories, I got the writing thing to a place I'm proud of it and want to share it with the wider world.  That is where YOU my fans and Patrons come in, gain access to my new materials ahead of anyone else! Get exclusive interactions and content by becoming a part of this very special community!  While you're at it if you like me and what I create, spread the word; I want to tell my stories to any who might find value and fun in them!
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When I reach my first 25 patrons I'll do a special audio recording of a selection of my work as chosen by my patrons. (a special treat I was once paid $180 an hour for my voice work and had hundreds of thousands of fans)
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