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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!

I was told that something magic is happening here that my work will be appreciated and we don't life in a world where everything is free. 

Evanti Tinava is a spiritual counselor, a trained researcher, also trained in social sciences, personality disorders, is an unknown author RECOVERING FROM NARCISSISTIC ABUSE who strives for the truth always. She got a Masters degree in Psychology of empirical nature. She believes in natural living, natural healing and natural medicine and is a minimalist.

I am here to help those who help themselves.  Be your own hero. Be on the driver seat of your life. I can sit on your passenger seat and show you new maps for you to reach your destination.

I appreciate your time and attention. I am here to accomplish my life mission and not allow this former politician disguised as an homeless man and fake targeted individual to destroy me completely as he planned. Thank you.
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$1000 and more in Patreon funds will allow me to purchase cameras, editing software, and video equipment to bring you a more polished and enjoyable presentation--and one more professional and appealing to those who haven't found me yet
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