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I'll be using the Patreon stream/comments to interact directly with with everyone, take suggestions, answer queries, and be as interactive as possible!

This will allow contributors to really help shape the content and future of the site. 




Our Situation:

I’m Scott Mullins the founder of I created the site as a side project to promote my own writing but as I connected with other writers I found that more and more of them needed a way to promote their work. Other platforms were either too expensive or out of reach for most indie or self-published authors.

So I setup my site with a section to promote other writers and their work through author interviewsguest postsbook excerpts and books reviews. So far we’ve interviewed 200 plus authors, with more and more requests for support everyday and the site has grown to a size that’s more than I can handle on my own. 

While affiliate commissions and parts of my own salary currently supplement all the services and the cost of running the site, I want to take it to the next level. I’m looking for help from the writing community to keep the book promotion services I offer free.

We have the audience and we want to continue to produce content while keeping the services free for all writers and authors.

To take the site to that next level we need to make it self-sustaining.

Pateron works best for our goals as it allows the authors, if they want to, to donate as little or much as they like. And if readers who have been reading the site want to help me keep it running they can do the same. Every little bit helps. Anything, from $1/month up, is a massive help in allowing us to achieve our goals.

What We'll Use the Money For

Our initial goal is $5,000/month. That money alongside parts of my own wages will allow us to cover:

  • Hosting: With the increased traffic we need to upgrade our hosting plan to improve the user experience of the site.
  • Book reviews: A larger book review team. The most popular request from authors are book reviews. These take time and we have a small team to do this but more are needed. $5 allows us to hire an additional book reviewer.
  • One employee: This is where the majority of the money will go. A part-time employee to help relieve me of some of the smaller tasks so I can focus on larger areas that will grow the site and better serve authors. Such as:
    • List Building: While we have grown a small list, it’s often neglected due to time constraints. If we can focus on growing this list we can offer a service to authors similar to bookbub but for free.
    • Social Media: We have a small social media presence but again time constraints hold us back from building a larger following and exploring new channels. We want to extend the reach to a new readership through paid channels and boosted posts.
    • Administration: At the moment the time taken to respond to requests can take weeks, having an extra employee allows for a quicker turnaround for authors and more content for readers.
Every dollar helps us to create a free platform for authors and writers that could rival some of the larger and expensive book marketing platforms.

  • Scott
1% complete
This first goal allows us to see the support of the writing community and to provide the motivation to keep the services free.
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