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Thank you for checking out my Patreon page.  
My name is Arlin Sansome and I am the creator of Underground Electrics.  
I am very excited to be offering OPEN SOURCE EV and LEV and other GREEN Tech.  I truly believe with the need for the world to move to green tech that all tech should be open source. 
Please consider contributing to my campaign to help me bring you more awesome and OPEN Green and EV tech.  

Where your money goes:
Developing power electronics or other EV and green tech is not cheep and most people in the industry keep all the good tech to them selves in hope of using the tech to make money,  I have gone the other way I have had so many people donate so many AMAZING EV parts to help me move this thing forward I could never thank you all enough.  But I have still spent an amazing amount of money to get this far and I feel the sky is the limit.  I will be producing more open and free EV/Green tech and it will keep coming as long as I am alive.  But with your support I hope to bring out tech more frequently and with better quality.  My campaign will be unique in comparison to ALL others.  I have the option to accept more then just cash.  If you have skills to offer or services or advice, parts, or anything you can think of let me know.  The development I have been able to achieve to this point has been a TEAM effort with many people helping me in so many ways behind the scenes.  
$23 of $250 per month
With this goal I will increase time spend on production of videos and put a much higher quality of video together. 
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