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Hi guys, welcome and thank you for checking out the patreon page. I am grateful and honored that you are here and hope that my content has helped you in some way, shape or form.  The goal of the youtube channel is to help everyone make more gold in MMOrpgs, or simply have fun in mobile games. Over the past 20 years I've been gaming from the old school days of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) all the way through Xbox one, Switch and PS4. I love the fact that MMO's games have gone Free to play and mobile almost all games are free to play meaning everyone can get into the game and enjoy it for free where as before it costs $50 or $60 bucks to buy a new game. The only down side to these systems is the GRIND is real to get anything in game now a days they hide a lot of cool things behind paywalls and or behind time barriers but there are tricks, tips, and even cheats sometimes to get past these and that is what I aim to bring you guys. I am sure you know love mmos and in game economies as they are the simplest ways to make money in games like Aion, Archeage, Ashes of Creation and Crowfall. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with you guys and helping you guys earn more gold in game even at my own expenses. The down side to sharing secretes is as many of you have seen when something goes public that item or market will either tank or sky rocket in value RIGHT AWAY. Hence part of the reason I am starting this patreon page... people have asked for me to NOT post things publicly and well I wont be doing that I can give you guys a head start of some of the juicy secrets with early access to vids and investment tips! Also I have the privledge of going to the pax conventions and traveling around gathering special promo codes and deals that I simply do not have enough for everyone but would love to reward some of you guys with.
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Retire from corporate life /  hire the wife so she can help produce/create more gaming content for you guys and bring my channel to full time with many more vids/giveaways and uploads 
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