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About TommyNom

Hello there!

I am TommyNom - Tommy from England.
After a lot of talk with viewers and subscribers, it came to my realization of Patreon. People are tired of seeing the same old stuff on YouTube, Livestreams and podcasts. It's time we made something different, something more entertaining to watch.
Enter TommyNom.
An idea from my late best friend, he said to me to start a livestreaming channel where we would play games, have a general rant or laugh about them and challenge each other to completing video-games and challenges set to us.
It was for fun. Because entertainment was our thing - but sadly he never reached a point to follow through after a tragic end to his life. On a brighter note, I carried the idea out and decided to call the show TommyNom, after an old nickname that people used to call me.
After streaming for a short amount of time, roughly six months, I have gathered a following that I would like to say I absolutely love and care for, streaming is now a part of my life.
To extend on this, to give back to the community set before me, I want to create quality YouTube videos, after purchasing a very expensive microphone/camera and green-screen thanks to community donations, I have decided to try and make this a living - if ever possible.

It's your choice, the fact you merely took interest is enough to know that word can be spread around about the show and the content that I plan to develop.
Pledge, donate or subscribe if you like - I will return the favor with quality content and something special for you.
Take care, and thank you.

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Full-Time video content, with this amount it's safe to say that I will be recording for the rest of my life! I'll be able to establish a team of content creators with this and even create a special website for all to enjoy!
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